Watch Chipotles video about how a gestation crate-free future would be better for pigs and farmers alike.

Add your name to the growing list of farmers and consumers who believe it's time for pork industry leaders to stop standing in the way of progress—it's time to let farmers farm!

Farmers are some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in America and they want to respond to the demand for more humane pork. An American Farm Bureau poll found that 95 percent of Americans believe farmed animals should be well cared for. The same poll found that most Americans don't consider gestation crate confinement to be humane. [1]

However, the majority of breeding pigs in the pork industry spend virtually their entire lives in cramped metal stalls called gestation crates. These crates are so small that pigs are unable to move freely or exhibit natural behaviors. Traditional farmers, animal welfare experts, and even corporate giants like McDonald's all agree that gestation crates are not acceptable. [2]

"I didn't want to raise pigs like that," says Niman Ranch's Paul Willis. "To put an animal in a box, to me, was not allowing the animal to be who they are." [3]

Renowned animal welfare scientist Dr. Temple Grandin says, "Confining an animal for most of its life in a box in which it is not able to turn around does not provide a decent life." [4]

But pork industry leaders—including the National Pork Producers Council, National Pork Board, and American Farm Bureau—are spending millions of dollars in a fight to ensure that gestation crates remain the status quo. [5]

By refusing to allow the industry to evolve beyond gestation crates, the pork industry is selling our farmers and farmed animals short.

Sign our petition and stand with the thousands of farmers and millions of consumers who agree that it's time for the NPPC, NPB, and Farm Bureau to stop standing in the way of progress! It's time to put farming back in the hands of America's farmers. It's time to let farmers farm.

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